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Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air is ready to rock and roll

When it comes to laptops, there are many different kinds of brands for us to choose from. While many of us would prefer to go for more notable and famous names such as Dell, HP, MSI, Acer, and high performance machines from Razer, would you consider treading on where few have gone before by taking a chance with Xiaomi? Yes, the same Xiaomi that churns out quality smartphones like the Redmi Note 2 at an extremely affordable price point. This time around, the leading Chinese brand for consumer electronics has rolled out the Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air.

Bringing together the twin pillars of design and performance, the Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air is the new flagship laptop from that company that intends to offer high quality performance without having to bog down the user with additional weight. This 13.3-inch laptop will boast of an all-metal body design that tips the scales at a mere 1.3kg, while measuring all of 14.8mm in thickness. In other words, you can more or less call this an Ultrabook. The display is nothing to shout about though, offering a pretty standard 1920 × 1080 resolution (Full HD) display with a 5.59mm super-narrow bezel. This is great for multimedia, but we can also see us recommending this laptop for gaming. Make sure to check out our gaming keypad guide, if that’s what you are going to use the Mi Air 13 for.

Of course, those with a penchant for aesthetics will be drawn to the frameless glass design, letting you concentrate on the screen easily. With a full lamination technology implemented into the Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air, it effectively reduces the air gap between the screen and the glass, with the objective of delivering an outstanding display result.

Underneath the hood lies an 8th generation Intel Core Processor, a GeForce MX150 discrete graphics chipset, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD that should be more than enough to handle both daily work and entertainment needs. Arriving with Windows 10 Home Edition, it is ready to rock and roll right out of the box, and supports the Windows Hello feature via fingerprint. They did a decent job when it comes to keeping the internal temperature low, even under high loads. In case you plan on using this thing for gaming you might still want to get an additional laptop cooling pad.

However, it is not going to come cheap despite carrying the Xiaomi brand name as the Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air will retail for €899.99 apiece.