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This Xenomix Car Mount wants to follow you everywhere

Xemix Car Mount

Most of the time a car mount for your phone is stationed in one place, and can’t really be anywhere else. You have to figure out from that one anchored location how to make it turn towards you as best you can. We need it to be in our field of vision, but depending on the mount you choose it can go flying off of your dashboard, or take up space in your field of view of the road.

The Xenomix Car Mount is a clip that uses tension to stay in place and keep your phone stationary. Since the mounting clip can stretch, you can use it on your car vents, handle bars on your bike, tables, refrigerators, and more. It’s made of rubber and a durable plastic, though obviously the test of time will let you know if this is worth it or not.

Since this is so lightweight, it would be easy to take with you everywhere you go. The phone clip can hold Galaxy, Note, iPhones, and other phablet-type mobile devices. There are anti-skid rubber bits of varying size that will help the mount stay in place, and a safety pin in case your phone does fall out (the mere existence of that already makes me worried though). The mount clip can swivel so you can put it at the optimal viewing angle. It comes in black, grey, red, yellow, and white, and will cost you $14.99.

Available for purchase on Amazon