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X-Doria has new Revel range of cases for Apple products

xdoria-casesWhen you pick up one of Apple’s new products, you know for sure that the design is well accepted worldwide – otherwise, how can it be that they continue to sell insane amounts of new iPhones and iPads with each release? Of course, the market will reach a saturation point at one time or another, but for now, the beautiful iPhone 6s that you hold in your hands might be a wee bit “naked” without any kind of external protection. Perhaps it is time to dress it up, and X-Doria would definitely be one name that you might want to consider, as their latest range of Revel cases will cater for both the Apple Watch and iPhone 6/6s. It is not the first time that X-Doria has revealed an Apple Watch case, and it does not look as though it will be the last, either.

With the Revel case, it will merge vibrant, fashion forward prints and functional design, ensuring that your device will remain protected without sacrificing on its style points at all times. Revel happens to be a snap-on fashion for Apple Watch, where the slim-fitting case clips on easily and provides 360º protection from scratches and scrapes. It will be made from durable polycarbonate and featuring vibrant, fashion forward prints, making Revel the perfect way to protect and personalize the Apple Watch. Revel will not obstruct the Digital Crown or Side Button, ensuring that the Apple Watch remains fully protected without doing away with unrestricted access to all features and functions.

As for Revel for iPhone, this is a snap-on fashionable case with durable, co-molded protection. It will definitely add more to the iPhone’s looks with bold, fashion-forward patterns that have real depth. Revel will be extra tough on the edges, accompanied by reinforced bumpers that extend across the top and bottom edges of the iPhone. It will have a raised front edge that keeps the screen off table tops and protected from surface scratches, while the wrap around, rubber bumper provides edge-to-edge protection. Whilst the volume and lock buttons are covered and protected, they remain accessible.

The Revel range for Apple Watch and iPhone 6/6s will retail for $24.99 and $34.99, respectively.

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