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X-Doria expands Defense Shield for iPhone 6s and Defense Edge for Apple Watch

xdoria-shield-sportWhen it comes to making sure that your mobile devices are well taken care of, surely a protective case of sorts should be purchased to go alongside your spanking new device (or older device, which still does require protection no matter how you look at it). X-Doria has been in this particular business for quite some time already, having rolled out protective solutions for some of the newer devices that are in the market, and this time around, they are expanding the Defense Shield for iPhone 6s and Defense Edge for Apple Watch.

How will they go about doing so? Why, it will be achieved with the introduction of its latest style, which will be known as Sport. The Defense series brings together polycarbonate, soft rubber and anodized aluminum in order to form the ultimate in protection for the iPhone 6s and Apple Watch. X-Doria has decided to make use of machined metal as opposed to plastic this time around, in an effort to ensure its Defense Shield is capable of providing military-level drop protection which has been tested to survive 6.6 foot drops on concrete.

The perimeter of the iPhone will be protected thanks to machined aluminum, whereas the inside is wrapped with soft rubber, providing protection from drops and ensuring the metal never touches the device. The screen itself will be protected from drops and surface scratches by an oversized raised lip, while the rear is shielded by a clear polycarbonate, helping to protect the device without having to cover it up. The simple snap on construction requires no tools for assembly.

As for the Defense Edge, it will be able to guard the Apple Watch combine a premium machined aluminum exterior and functional design, ensuring that your smart timepiece remains protected and yet is accessible at all times. The Defense Edge will boast of a co-molded protective aluminum exterior with a rubber lining that protects your watch from scratches and shocks, while the easy snap on design that allows for quick installation.

The Defense Shield for the new iPhone 6s will retail for $49.99 apiece, while the Defense Edge for Apple Watch is going for $29.99.

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