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X-Doria announces new KidGPS tracking system

kidgpsChildren – they are particularly active and full of life most of the time, and parents will soon discover that leaving children alone to their own devices is a recipe for disaster. Here we are with X-Doria having stepped forward to help tired parents keep tabs on their little ones all the time – with the user-friendly KidGPS. The KidGPS happens to be a palm-sized tracking device which can easily be tucked in a child’s pocket, or to have it clipped on their backpack in order to make sure that they are always in a safe location.

With this particular device, parents will be able to easily track their children directly on their smartphones through an iOS and Android app, where it will pinpoint the exact location of the child. For instance, the KidGPS app will enable parents to set up “Zones” or “GeoFences” for the child, and the app will also send notification to the parent through SMS text whenever the child arrives or leaves certain locations.

The KidGPS also boasts of a handy “Panic Alert” button which will be able to send the current location of the child to multiple devices; making sure that children are always safe and can discreetly send a signal to parents if they happen to be in trouble. Boy, hasn’t child tracking technology come a long way since its early days?

Users are able to set up multiple devices in order to receive the KidGPS alerts on their handset, which means that not only parent, but also, grandparents, babysitters or just about anyone else who is taking care of the particular child, will be able to be aware of the their location. The battery in the KidGPS lasts up to 7 days, where it can be easily recharged thanks to an integrated micro-USB port. Expect it to cost $99.99 as it comes with 3 months of tracking service at

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