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Don’t Let the Dog Days Affect Your Dog

We all use smartphones to help manage our lives and the lives of our families. But how about our four legged friends? They should get in on the action too. Well, the folks at Rethink Canada, an agency in Toronto, believe they should anyway.  Rethink came up with a prototype dog collar (“Dog Caller”) that texts your cell phone when the temperature gets too hot for Fido to handle. It contains similar parts to a cell phone and more: SIM card, LEDs, a coded chip and thermistor. When the dog’s environment hits 78.8° F/26° C you get a text. So if you get stuck in a long line at the store, the dog won’t have to suffer. Rethink partner and creative director Aaron Starkman came up with the idea after experiencing a “heated” situation with his own dog. They put the Dog Caller idea into development and hope to get them in production next year. In the meantime they partnered with the Toronto Humane Society to reduce heat-related dog deaths through a campaign highlighting dog friendly stores where they can enjoy air conditioning. We set plenty of alarms for ourselves and our activities with our phones. We schedule this, plan that. We even have SIM cards in our home alarm systems to send alerts. Do the same for that furry member of the family and save their life – literally! Thanks: ]]>

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