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The X-Cap makes sure a morning run doesn’t happen in the dark


The winter brings cold, dry and dreadfully dark mornings. The happy jaunt that a run from a brisk Fall day provided is now a distant memory, and all you can do is focus on keeping warm while doing your best to stop the cold from completely taking over. Layers are the only thing that will slow the chill to your core, but if you live in an area running a bit low on street lamps, you’ll still need light if you want to keep to your regular routine.

The best place to put a light for running would be on your noggin so that it stays in one place, and isn’t constantly jostled. The X-Cap does just that, while simultaneously adding another layer to your winter garb. This is a beanie with an integrated LED lamp that has three different light intensities. You can choose how bright you want your light to be through the push of a button, and it can shine up to 120 lumens onto your path. This is a one-size-fits-all deal, so those with exceptionally large or small heads may want to see to a more accommodating option.

Seeing that this hat will keep your head warm and provides light, it would also be great for work, walking, and seeing the keyhole at night after coming home from a long day. This will cost you around $31, which sounds about right for a hat and a light combination. This will provide 4 hours of light, and needs an equal amount of time to charge through USB.

Available for purchase on Unikia