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The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – a precision tool for serious gamers

Xbox One Elite Controller

In the world of gaming, there are those who used to play when they were young and now play whenever it seems like a fun idea, causal gamers who play a few times a week, hardcore gamers who put in enough time that it may as well be a part-time job, and professional gamers who sleep, eat, and breathe games. There’s nothing wrong with falling into any of these categories, but the higher up the scale you go, the more you realize you need proper tools to play certain games. Those who play PC games know that a combination of an awesome mouse, keyboard, two or more monitors, and a high-quality headset can all come into play with how you perform.

Console gaming is a bit different, as you can’t really find much variance in controllers with sensitivity settings, game profiles, and a sturdy build that will stand the test of time. Microsoft is planning to tap into the professional gaming field, with the creation of the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. This was announced last week at E3, and is meant for the hardcore to professional category of gamers. There is a diamond patterned grip, swappable thumbsticks and D-pads to improve your accuracy and speed, as well as hair trigger locks for the interchangeable paddles under the controller.

Through an app on Windows 10 or Xbox One, as this can be used on either Xbox One or PC, you’ll be able to detail game profiles for mapping buttons, as well as sensitivity for your triggers, thumbsticks, and more. The thumbstick shafts are also made of metal so that it can hold up through heated gaming sessions. There is a 3.5mm stereo headset jack so you can plug in a headset to get the full audio while experiencing haptic feedback. The only annoying aspect is that it uses two AA batteries, but it is compatible with the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit (a separate purchase), or you can use the 9′ USB cable that is included. This is currently only available for pre-order at the price of $149.99, and will ship in October. This is obviously aimed at a niche audience with disposable income, which will either help these sell faster or hardly at all.

Available for pre-order on Amazon