X-ray Vision: Not just for Superman anymore

This next device is for those who, as children, shelled out their allowance money for “X-ray Specs” only to find that these paper goggles could not see through clothes at all. All they could do is make some illusion of bones on your hands, but you had to get the light just right.

The David Steele catalog has apparently discovered the secret of X-ray vision, without the use of harmful radiation. The X-ray Vision Camera Lens attaches to most camcorders, and works as an infrared filter.

Apparently, most clothing can allow light and infrared light to pass through the fabric, and this light is reflected back through the clothing. We normally see the reflected normal light mixed with the infrared light, and the lens can filter the normal light out. This allows the clothes to look transparent, or at least give a semi-transparent effect.

I included a picture of the effect after the jump. It has the appropriate black bars over the eyes and…other areas.

This is one of those products that seems too good to be true, and I honestly hope isn’t. I really don’t want to see this X-ray lens during Spring Break at Ft. Lauderdale by guys attempting to make the next Girls Gone Wild series. Perhaps the clothing industry should respond by making clothing that shielded from the effects of the X-ray Camera Lens.

If you have a…friend who would like this X-ray Camera Lens, it is available for $199 on the David Steele website.


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