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Wynd knows what personal space is, and will make sure the air in yours is clean


Thanks to activity trackers, we now want to know everything about how we sleep, what we’re eating, our movements throughout the day, and well, everything. It’s tough to track the minutia of your life, and when you’re trying to live as streamlined as possible, you want to know everything you can to live your life more efficiently. Of course, living efficiently also means staying in the best health you possibly can, and if you live in a big city, that’s pretty difficult to do.

Maybe you have it all figured out with meal-prepping, working out, and sleeping a full eight hours every night, but the air quality is atrocious. If you’ve ever spent a day in LA and then went to the mountains, the air quality difference is notable. The Wynd is hoping to make sure that your own personal bubble of air space is as clean and clear as crisp mountain air, or at least closer to it than it was to begin with.

This little personal air purifier will not only suck up dust, dander, and allergens, but it’s relatively compact, weighing under a pound, meaning it can go with you when you go to the park, office, or when you’re traveling. It’s said this can clear up about 70% of the particles in a typical car space in about 10 minutes, so that should give you a good indication of what this is supposed to be capable of. This will track the air quality of surrounding air, and will let you know when you need to turn it on. This $139 gadget may make your personal space bubble cleaner, but you’ll still have to keep buying filters to make sure it stays that way.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter