WTFJeans and the V2 smartphone friendly jeans

Let’s face it – wearing a pair of jeans is one of the more comfortable choice of clothes that you can ever pick, and denim works its fashion magic whether you are about to make a presentation to millions of people worldwide (ala Steve Jobs), or have a smart casual do to attend, or simply want to look rugged. Well, the thing about most jeans are this – their pockets fail to have the kind of space needed to accommodate your regular smartphone, which is why WTFJeans’ V2 denims are extra special. Retailing for $159 a pair, they were specially designed for Easy in – Easy out use, even while you are sitting down.
Not only that, iPhone 5 owners will be pleased to hear that the WTFPocket design was maintained in V2 of the WTFJeans, sporting dimensions of 4.87″ x 2.31″ x 0.30″ that would allow you to slip in your iPhone 5 comfortably. In addition it retains the special micro-fiber pocket interior that ensures your precious smartphone remains protected always, while it cleans the screen each time you take it out.
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