The WTF Lamp seems suitably named


Imagine absentmindedly grabbing for a lamp in someone’s home and flipping the switch.  Then presto, instead of it turning on like a normal lamp, they’ve switched things up on you.  Suddenly, the base is shining brightly instead of the bulb from beneath the shade.  Yes, it’s time to find a new friend, because friends don’t let friends buy confusing lamps.  It’s just not nice.  Sure, some might call it being creative, but you know secretly they’re just showing off how much more brilliant they are than you.

No, this is not a cleverly PhotoShopped picture with WTF added in by some random person.  It’s actually called the WTF lamp.  At least the designer realizes it’s pure madness too and has bothered to show a little humor in their own design.  The designer, John Nouanesing, hasn’t managed to make this a real product just yet, thankfully.  If there’s any hope left for mankind it will stay that way.  This world was not created to be covered with lamps that make no sense.

Source: Gearfuse

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