Writing Spoon creates food fonts

Is it even worth the effort for our parents to repeat that golden adage? “Don’t play with your food!” How can we not when there are so many gadgets which encourage exactly that? It’s not always easy being a geek. The word itself encourages the breaking of rules and boundaries. And such is the downfall of geek obsession.

But we’re not talking about murder or anything purely sinful. The Writing Spoon is simply a gadget which makes playing with your food a more organized activity. This spoon and ballpoint pen hybrid transforms your eating utensil into a writing instrument. It’s a rare opportunity to make the spoon mightier than the sword.

Spanish designer Julie Mariscal created the Writing Spoon with a special incision on the tool’s tip to create a pen-like effect. Fill your spoon up with coffee and create your own caffeinated doodles. Maybe you can even create your own Starbucks coffee-themed font.

Believe it or not, this spoon is beyond the conceptual stage and is available for purchase from Mariscal’s website. You can grab your own Writing Spoon for €20.86 ($31) and be on your way to creating your own liquid writing.

Source via Trend Hunter