Writhing Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger

Umbilical cord and iPhone are two things I couldn’t possibly see landing in the same sentence, much less a gadget article’s title.  However, I should have known that the iPhone is capable of bridging all sorts of weird gaps.  The media artist Mio I-zawa has managed to create the strangest iPhone accessory I’ve come across.  Instead of plugging your iPhone into the usual cord, just imagine hooking it up to a squirming umbilical cord.

There is a full video of it in action here.  Once it’s plugged in the cord squirms and looks like it’s trying to suck the life out of the iPhone, when in fact it’s restoring the iPhone back to life.  Some morbid part of my brain wishes you couldn’t hear the electronic device moving so much.  It almost kills the visual effect entirely, but it is still a cool gadget in all the wrong ways.

Source: Likecool