Wrist watch Tattoo

wristwatch-tattooI don’t know if this next product is some sort of joke, but it feels like a sick one. If the photo to the left here was a video, you might see what I am talking about.

What you see in the picture is not some guy with a stamp of “01:35” on his wrist, but those numbers change as time goes by.

Yes, this is a wristwatch that is somehow implanted onto your wrist. It uses the natural kinetic energy for power, and it uses a wireless signal to sync up to an external clock to make certain your wrist is always on time.

So this an electric tattoo of a watch that is always there, no matter what. It is even planned to have the numbers glow when you hold your wrist up to view the time. I can’t help but wonder if this guy has the month and day on his left wrist.

Okay, I personally think that a device like this is some kind of unnatural relationship between technology and humanity. I mean, we’re not far off from Borg technology with something like this. It reminds me of a weird tattoo that Russell Crowe received in A Beautiful Mind.

However, I will let you, the readers, decide that. Leave a comment if you think this is an aberration of nature or just another advancement in technology.


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