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Wrist-Mounted Camera

Wrist-Mounted Camera
Here’s a really strange camera, I wonder if it’s actually practical. The Wrist-Mounted Camera is a fully functional digital camera that fits just like a watch. The strangest thing about it in my opinion is that it looks just like a regular digital camera except smaller. I would have thought they would condense it somehow.

The camera is capable of taking 648×480 digital stills and features 32MB of internal memory. It also has video capabilities allowing you to record 320×240 video!

If you intend on falling in any pools while taking pictures or just can’t bare to be away from your Wrist-Mounted Camera then you’re in luck! The camera is completely water-proof up to 30m below the surface!

There are two positions the camera can rest it. When you are just walking around (looking rather strange with a camera on your wrist ;)) you can twist it down and lie it flat on your wrist, and when you want to take a picture simply twist it back up and around then snap a picture. Easy as… taking a picture!

This neat little camera goes quite cheap surprisingly and is available from Go Pro Camera for just $79.95.

Found via TechEBlog