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Wrist-Easy Ergonomic Hand Rake


If you love working in your garden but you are not fond of the back and shoulder ache afterwards then you will be happy to know that there is a new innovative rake on the market. This unique Wrist-Easy ergonomic hand rake will save your hands, wrists, and back.

Many people with arthritis have had to quit puttering around in their gardens because of the pain that they are in after enjoying their time working in their gardens. But, the Wrist-Easy hand rake gives them back one of their favorite hobbies. The grip on the rake keeps your hand and wrist in a neutral position and the foam on the arm will allow you to use your arm more than your wrist to minimize the pain in your wrists.

The ergonomic rake was created to keep your arm straight during the time that you are raking which will reduce the strain on your joints and your wrists. The comfortable arm pad will give your forearm the support it needs while giving you leverage without having to bend your wrist and arm constantly.

This Wrist-Easy ergonomic hand rake may have been designed for those with arthritis, but all of us would enjoy an easier way to rake that will give us less pain.

The metal parts of the Wrist-Easy are made from high strength carbon steel and powder coated for the best rust resistance available. All the joints are MIG welded for even more strength.

Other features of the Wrist-Easy Ergonomic Hand Rake include rigid tines penetrating hard ground, padded and comfortable non slip grip, 5 inches by 6 inches by 18 inches in size which only weighs around 15 ounces.

You can find this unique and easy to use Wrist-Easy Ergonomic Hand Rake online for under $20.

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