Wrist Charge phone charger needs your support

Just like how we have covered our fair share of portable wireless speakers over here on Coolest Gadgets in the past, another particular area where this particular niche gizmo is dime a dozen would be the phone charger. All phones come packed with their respective charger, although over the years, you would have realized that a single charger is good enough to play nice with a myriad of other phones, as long as they share the same connectors. Well, this begs the question, are all phone chargers created equal? The correct answer would be “No”, as evident by the flaming hope that this Kickstarter project, the Wrist Charge phone charger, claims.

 What makes the Wrist Charge phone charger so different from the rest is its highly portable nature. Whenever you want to travel outdoors with your phone charger, you would not need a bag or backpack to toss it in, just slap the Wrist Charge phone charger around your, well, wrist, and you’re good to go. Not only does it ensure that your smartphone gets the necessary amount of juice whenever required, it will also double up as a fashion accessory when not in use.

The Wrist Charge phone charger will hook up any mobile device to a USB port to keep the battery going, and it will work with a myriad of iPhone models in addition to all Android-powered smartphones. Wrist Charge inventor and CEO Jerry Castro, said, “Wrist Charge is the most efficient product that I have designed to date. Wrist Charge provides convenience on the go, prevents lost phone chargers, and eliminates unnecessary clutter. Wrist Charge was created to help make cell phone users lives a little easier.”

If you want to see Wrist Charge being made a reality, a $15 contribution would definitely net you a Wrist Charge that you can call your own should it meet its target goal, where it will then be valued at $29.99. Instant win!

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