WOW-keys for the iPhone announced

There are some of us who love all the nuances of a virtual keyboard, while the rest absolutely hate it and would very much prefer the standard physical keyboard that has tactile feedback and the comforting “clickety clack” sound – although some people have already moved on to silent keyboards, especially those who tend to work late into the night in their bedroom and do not want to keep their spouse awake.
CompuExpert, a division of Digital Interactive Systems Corp., has come up with a rather interesting solution for those who have not yet gotten used to the virtual keyboard on the iPhone, and that would be through the release of the WOW-keys, a full-size QWERTY keyboard that was specially built for the iPhone that will also double up as a docking device for synchronization and charging purposes. Omnio Technologies is the brainchild behind the WOW-keys as it functions as the ideal bridge between your iPhone and PC or Mac machine,

The iPhone in its latest iteration, the iPhone 4, is by no means a pushover – after all, for a device this small, it is more than capable of being a portable productivity tool, and the WOW-keys is the perfect platform to unleash its potential. Since it is so small, entering or extracting a lot of data from it could prove to be a rather awkward and time-consuming experience, hence the WOW-keys that lets you favorite smartphone make full use of its power and multitasking abilities on the computer itself.
Thanks to the presence of laptop-style soft keys, WOW-keys will enable you to input text comfortably and efficiently into your iPhone, as well as input commands from the iPhone to the computer courtesy of the integrated touchpad. You will be able to swap between modes in a jiffy with but a touch of a button, while executing common tasks through the dozen iPhone hotkeys. The WOW-keys will also double up as a charger via USB, and can also synchronize with iTunes.
Expect to pick pu the WOW-keys at retail stores from May 24th onwards for $99.99.
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