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The WORX Switch Drill cuts down on time changing out tools


When you have a project in mind, there are many steps to take it from idea to concept to project. Coming up with the idea and seeing the finished product are the best parts of the process, but the tedium in between is the only way you’ll get to see both sides of the coin. That being said, the world has been thinking up and creating things long enough now that there are tools to help speed up just about every facet of a DIY project.

If you need to do a lot of drilling and driving in your project, you’ve likely gotten annoyed at having to switch parts, treating each as a different step. This WORX Switch Drill will cut that time in half, if not more, as you’ll be able to switch from drilling to driving with the press of a button. Not only that, but the electronic clutch will prevent you from messing anything up. There are 12 speeds, and that should cover a wide range of of drilling and fastening applications.

This 20V MaxLithium switch driver has two 1/4 in. chucks that rotate 180 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise with the push of a button. This will work with any 1/4 in hex-shaped bits, which gives you a good bit of variety. It also has a 12 speed motor, LED light for the driver, and will cost you $89.99. For those that already use WORX tools, you’ll be happy to know that this uses the same 20-Volt battery that most of their garden and power tools use.

Available for purchase on Amazon