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The World’s Smallest Voice Changer is perfect for pranks

World's smallest voice changer

When we were young, there were all sorts of toys we wanted. We just wanted them, and seldom did we actually need them in any capacity. It was always up to our parents judgement on whether or not we would get a new tiny toy based on how much it cost, and how long it would be played with. Now we’re all grown up, and we can buy whatever toys we want, and the only way we can be told “no” is if our credit card is denied.

If your idea of a toy is similar to what children would think of as a play thing rather than a car or boat, then you might like the World’s Smallest Voice Changer. Shaped like a megaphone, it has the ability to alter and somewhat amplify your mouth sounds. Simply move the button across to select the voice you want, press the button, and speak into the small end. It’s simple, it’s stupid, but it’s fun to play with.

If you think this toy is beneath you that’s fine and dandy, as there are likely just as many people who find this fun or nostalgic. To those who fit the latter description, you’ll be looking at a price of 7.95 euros for this little blue and white contraption. Other than messing with your coworkers or playing with your kids, it’s likely going to develop dust on a shelf, but it could certainly make some interesting memories.

Available for purchase on Red5