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World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron – hopefully it lives up to its reputation!

smallest-travel-ironWhenever you travel, it would be best to be prepared and bring whatever you would like to bring with you – leaving as little to chance as possible. Having said that, not every one of us will be able to stay at the Ritz or Marriott when we are on the move, which means creature comforts such as a luxurious iron will not be available, which can be a bummer if you would like to get rid of those creases on your long sleeved shirt for the upcoming meeting. Forget about the regular travel iron – you would be a whole lot better off with the $29.95 World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron.

Does it live up to its billing? Perhaps, especially when you take into consideration its form factor, capable of fitting into your palm comfortably. It is a wee bit larger than a computer mouse, where the iron is stashed away unobtrusively in any carry-on or even a purse, but will consume 420-watts of juice in order to deliver powerful wrinkle-removing steam. It takes just a single minute to heat up, and there are three temperature settings to choose from, so that it can handle the gamut of fabric including silk, wool, cotton, and linen, and emits a burst of steam with the touch of a button. To cap it off, it comes with a heat resistant storage bag, how thoughtful!