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World’s smallest linux computer

This has to be some sort of record. A linux computer in a module the size of an RJ45 connector. The picotux claims to be the smallest Linux computer in the world at just 35mm×19mm×19mm.

It’s got a 55Mhz Arm7 CPU and 8MB RAM. Your 215 euros gets you a 10/100 ethernet jack, a serial port and a power supply. And that’s it – you won’t be playing doom on this thing!

In fact I’m not sure what you’d do with it but that’s not the point – it’s tiny so it’s cool!

(via newlaunches)

5 thoughts on “World’s smallest linux computer”

  1. Is this legit? You’ve (well we) have been fooled before, man that is tiny. Hmmmm I think this is another ‘sucker’ report 🙂

  2. I’ve just done some more digging and it still looks legit. It was slashdotted a while ago and I’d expect that crowd to out a fake…

    They’re a division of these guys, who look pretty above board to me!

    If I could think of anything to do with it I’d buy one, but I’m a Wintel weenie so it would basically be a paperweight to me…

  3. Do you know what this could lead to? In the future not only will you lose the remote you will also lose your set top DC boxes. or you might loose your PC? but imagine the tiny tiny thimble sized cellphone you will have but can’t use….

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