World’s Quietest Window Air Conditioner is whisper quiet

Quietest Window Air Conditioner

What used to be considered as a luxury can be said to a necessity in this day and age – and I am referring to the air conditioner. After all, there are those nights when it is simply way too hot, where even the ceiling fan turned on at full speed with all of the windows opened are simply not good enough. With so many different kinds of air conditioner models in the market, just which particular model should one get? Why not choose something that hums along silently – like the $299.95 World’s Quietest Window Air Conditioner?

As its name suggests, this happens to be an air conditioner model that has been reengineered with internal mechanisms that deliver powerful cool air at the same time producing a gentle hum equivalent to a rain shower. It is more than 1/3 quieter than its clanging competitors, as this hushed window unit incorporates a buffer around the compressor which will muffle sound and absorb vibration. Not only that, a unique horizontal fan is implemented that helps circulate air more efficiently, further reducing drag and noise. The powerful model will boast of three speeds and four modes, functioning as an energy-efficient fan and dehumidifier to boot. This should be more than enough to cool down pretty much any room of a moderate size. Save power by only using it in the rooms you are in you’ll actually save a lot of money in the long run.