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World’s Quietest Window Air Conditioner gets the job done without any obstruction

quietest-acDuring the hot summer months, you can choose to cool yourself down with plenty of showers throughout the day, or simply stay in and turn on the fan. The thing is, what happens when you start to still feel hot when you have done all of the above? Perhaps, you might want to consider turning on the air conditioner, and if you have no idea as to which particular model that you would like to choose from, the $299.95 World’s Quietest Window Air Conditioner might be able to get the job done, and with aplomb, too, due to the nature of its naming convention.

The World’s Quietest Window Air Conditioner has been specially re-engineered with internal mechanisms that deliver powerful cool air while producing a gentle hum equivalent to a rain shower. It is also more than 1/3 quieter compared to its competitors, whose decibel levels approach the roar of freeway traffic – relatively speaking, of course. How did the World’s Quietest Window Air Conditioner get the job done? Well, it makes use of a buffer around the compressor which will muffle sound and absorb vibration, while the unit also boasts of a unique horizontal fan which will assist in air circulation in a more efficient manner, further reducing drag and noise. This powerful model will feature a trio of speeds and four modes so it not only cools but acts as an energy-efficient fan and dehumidifier, while its adjustable louvers direct the air in four directions to ensure comfortable temperatures in all corners of a room.

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