The World’s Lightest Packable Electric Guitar

When it comes to superlative adjectives, gadget mavens Hammacher are pretty good at it. Case in point, we have this $399.95 The World’s Lightest Packable Electric Guitar – which is definitely something when you think about it. Tipping the scales at a rather impossibly light 3 pounds, this self-proclaimed musical instrument is touted to be the lightest packable acoustic/electric guitar to date, and while it might be small in size, it definitely does not lack anything where performance is concerned, delivering a somewhat similar authentic feel and sound just like its full-sized counterpart.
Measuring a mere 28″ long, The World’s Lightest Packable Electric Guitar is a full-scale length 24.75″ guitar with 22 frets, allowing seasoned guitarists to enjoy accurate chord and finger placement without having to adjust one’s playing style to the instrument. It even comes with a detachable lap rest frame so that you can rest the guitar on your knee if the need arises. Half a dozen recessed chrome tuning pegs will ensure the half dozen D’Addario EJ15 Phosphor Bronze round-wound extra-light acoustic strings remain at the proper pitch at all times. Each purchase comes with its own soft carrying case for added convenience.