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The World’s Flattest Folding Reading Sunglasses is easy to store

flattest-folding-reading-glassesTo lay claim to a particular quality in a device, citing that it is the only kind of itself in the world, is definitely a bold claim, not to mention requiring the right kind of specifications and even certification in select situations to back it up. Having said that, not many people would have given thought as to how to improve on something as simple as reading glasses, let alone reading sunglasses. Well, Hammacher has made available the $34.95 Folding Reading Sunglasses, which boasts of the title “the world’s flattest”.

This pair of tinted reading sunglasses will sport unique pivoting arms, which in turn enables the glasses to flatten to just over 1/4″ thick. Specially designed in Italy, the sunglasses will come with a blended-nylon frame that folds above and below the lenses, as opposed to being behind them, and this makes them prized for being lightweight, pliable, yet durable, with hinges at the temples so they fold to less than half the thickness of traditional sunglasses. Sporting scratch-resistant methacrylate lenses, which is similar material that shields the cockpit on fighter jets, readers will be able to enjoy 100% UVA and UVB protection, which conveniently slips into a shirt pocket, and is accompanied by a hard case.

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