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The World’s Flattest Folding Reading Glasses works just as well

flattest-folding-reading-glassesWhen we get older, it goes without saying that different parts of our bodies start to wear down, and this includes our memory as well as eyesight. Some folks, however, are blessed enough not to have to wear a pair of glasses all their lives from the cradle to the grave. For those who have to, especially when it comes to making out them tiny words on a newspaper or that of a book, then a good pair is definitely a fantastic investment. Even more so if the reading glasses can be folded, but what we have here is something better – the $34.95 World’s Flattest Folding Reading Glasses.

Arriving with unique pivoting arms that enable the glasses to flatten to a mere 7mm thick, it has been specially designed in Italy. This pair of glasses will come with a blended-nylon frame which will be able to fold above and below the lenses, as opposed to being behind them, hence making them prized for being lightweight, pliable, yet durable, where it hinges at the temples so that they can fold to less than half the thickness of traditional glasses. It will also be accompanied by scratch-resistant methacrylate lenses, which is similar material that shields the cockpit on fighter jets, for that added peace of mind. OF course, there is always the the sunglasses version if you would like.

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