World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse

World's Most Expensive Computer Mouse

It’s a trying task to find something for your lovable computer geek significant other.  Especially when they say they want something shiny and outlandishly expensive.  Luckily, there is the World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse.  Yes, that is the mouse’s literal product name.  Having looked at the price, the product name is definitely right on the money.

The mouse is advertised as the perfect 60th wedding anniversary gift since traditionally speaking that anniversary calls for a diamond.  It also works for the 50th, since that one is gold.  These computer accessories come in yellow, red or white gold with black or white trim.  You can design your own or pick up the Diamond Flower or Scattered Diamond designs.  To purchase your very own it’ll cost you £16,200.00 or $26,730, but hey, diamonds are forever.  Of course it only takes a month for gadgets to become outdated, but at least the shiny stuff is forever.

In our opinion for this money you can definitely get a better wedding gift and there is absolutely no doubt that you can get a better wireless mouse for much less. In our recent tests we found out that a great mouse for gaming will cost you less than $100. Even if you want to get the best of the best you’ll not spend more than $200.