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World’s Most Detailed Globe adds some flair to your living room

worlds-detailed-globeIt is not uncommon to find a globe in a home, as some of us tend to have one either for decoration’s sake, or to use it as some sort of educational tool. Now that Sudan has split into both North and South Sudan, it would be interesting to see whether new globes produced reflect the existence of the world’s newest nation. Well, if you have plenty of dough in your pocket but have no idea on how to spend it, how about settling on the $13,000 World’s Most Detailed Globe? It has been called the world’s most detailed globe for a very good reason – because it comes with a whopping 28,000 place names.

Majority of the globes out there in the market have listed down 4,000 locations thereabouts at the most, but measuring 32″ across, this virtuosic achievement in cartography is capable of holding enough detail in order to spark any geography lover’s imagination. We are talking about places such as the Scottish county town of Ayr all the way to the Isthmus of Kra in Thailand, in addition to Panama’s Las Perlas Archipelago. The World’s Most Detailed Globe is a floor-standing globe that ends up as a focal point of any library or captain’s quarters, and it comes grandly cradled in a handcrafted mahogany frame.