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World’s coolest keyboard, with “enthusiast” price to match

Last year several sites reported on what looked like a fantastic piece of concept design, the Optimus keyboard. Every key would be a separate miniature LED display, programmable from the PC. Want a gaming specific setup, or special keys for photoshop? No problem, just send the appropriate configuration to the keyboard and watch it rearrange itself.

Today I received an email telling me that they’ll be taking pre-orders in a couple of days (countdown here) so it looks like the ultimate PC accessory may yet be a reality. Of course you could buy a whole new PC with the $1500 they want for this, but that wouldn’t have 114 individually programmable, whackable, backlit OLED displays would it?

(No, that wasn’t a typo – I really did say $1500. $1564 to be precise, but who’s counting the change at that level?)

4 thoughts on “World’s coolest keyboard, with “enthusiast” price to match”

  1. Small error in the description actually. The Optimus Maximus that’s coming out only has 10 OLED keys with the possibility to replace the regular keys that are on it at a later time. The full 114 OLED model is not scheduled for release yet.

  2. Sorry Scott but I don’t see where you’re getting that info from? I’ve been over everything I can find and they state in the blog

    – “It’s a 114-key keyboard”…”
    – “It has 10 extra keys on the left for all the controlling/monitoring functions…”
    – “Every key, including the space bar, has a display.
    Each display is 32×32 pixels full-color OLED.”

    (later in another post they change the spec to 48×48 pixels)

    Plus, if they wanted that much money for something with only 10 display keys the price would look even sillier than it does already!

  3. I wouldn’t call the price silly. Its the same if you compare i.e. Fiat Punto and Enzo Ferrari, you can drive both but which car would you prefer to drive? And the idea of making a keyboard with a separate miniature LED display programmable from the PC is just great. I doubt that you are going mainly to play quake on it.

    Though i agree that price is a bit high but look, they’ve received 75 pre-orders already. Not bad for the first day when they started accepting it.

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