World’s coolest keyboard, with “enthusiast” price to match

Last year several sites reported on what looked like a fantastic piece of concept design, the Optimus keyboard. Every key would be a separate miniature LED display, programmable from the PC. Want a gaming specific setup, or special keys for photoshop? No problem, just send the appropriate configuration to the keyboard and watch it rearrange itself.

Today I received an email telling me that they’ll be taking pre-orders in a couple of days (countdown here) so it looks like the ultimate PC accessory may yet be a reality. Of course you could buy a whole new PC with the $1500 they want for this, but that wouldn’t have 114 individually programmable, whackable, backlit OLED displays would it?

(No, that wasn’t a typo – I really did say $1500. $1564 to be precise, but who’s counting the change at that level?)

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