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World’s Brightest Phosphorescent Watch makes it easy to check the time

brightest-watchA watch is a watch, or so this is what many people have thought for a long time now. However, it looks like things have definitely changed with the advent of the smartwatch, and one no longer needs to have a timepiece that does just one thing – tell the time, and perhaps, the date as well. Well, some watches do have a small light so that you know what time it is when it is dark, but the $349.95 World’s Brightest Phosphorescent Watch brings things to a whole new level.

The World’s Brightest Phosphorescent Watch, as its name suggests, did not end up this way by chance, as it claims to be the only timepiece that merges the self-powered glow of tritium with the brilliance of Superluminova to produce the brightest, longest-lasting phosphorescence of any timekeeper available. It will be safely enclosed in protected vials within the watch face, and the tritium emits a constant glow which does not require any kind of charge from another light source, and is able to shine for more than a dozen straight years. The brighter Superluminova, happens to be painted on the hands and hour markers to boost the watch’s phosphorescence and aid adjusting eyes when a user moves from a lit space to darkness. It will sport a lightweight, scratch-resistant exterior that is made from fiber glass reinforced ballistic plastic, accompanied by a sturdy 316L stainless steel core that offers water resistance for the quartz movement and other components down to 660′. As for the internal lithium battery, we are looking at a battery life of ten years.