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World Lens App can translate words inside of an image

I generally report on end-user consumer devices, and usually do not report on cool Apps on this site. Otherwise, I would constantly fill this blog with the cool Apps that come out everyday. Maybe we should have a separate blog known as Coolest Apps.

However, there are times when Apps show us how far we have gone with technology, and Word Lens from QuestVisual has exploded over the tech blogosphere with what it can do with its Optical Character Recognition technology.

Word Lens is the product of two and a half years of work from John DeWeese and Otavio Good. You can see a video of how it works after the jump, but I have no idea if it works as well as you see in the vid.

I mean, I have seen augmented reality apps do some pretty cool things before, but to translate English to Spanish (as well as Spanish to English) in realtime is pretty amazing. It doesn’t even require a Wi-Fi or mobile connection!

From what I hear, it doesn’t work this smoothly. The video makes it look like the guy in the movie who is reading something in a foreign language, and it suddenly turns English (in the same font) so the audience can understand what the character has read.

If you want to see this App for yourself, it costs about $4.99 on the iTunes store.


3 thoughts on “World Lens App can translate words inside of an image”

  1. Sorry!!! Your gadget needs more research Judging for a bilingual point of view the translations are literal and NOT contextual, which means CONFUSION and MISUNDERSTANDINGS. SORRY good try but better research and translations required. Yes you might be able to get the gist of something but a no no to use in you are trying to impress your educated latina girlfriend or your foreign nanny

  2. I just checked this out for an upcoming trip. It is spotty at best. And to get say French to English and back costs you $20. So $20 per language. Not quite there yet. And as noted it is just word translation not contextual.

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