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The World Clock shows the past, present, and future happening simultaneously

Moma World Clock

Time is a major point of interest for us. We have meetings and gatherings to attend, and that keeps us on a strict schedule. Of course, the entire world does not run on the same time as you. Some places are many hours ahead or behind, and should you work internationally it’s part of your job to keep track of who is where and when. While your phone has a world clock that you can open, it can take a while for you to find the exact time zone you’re looking for.

It seems easier to keep a clock on your desk that will tell you when in the world another time zone is. The 11+ World Clock is a clock that displays multiple time zones at once. There is a rolling mechanism that will change every time you wheel it towards another city, which is displayed all along the outside circle. Moving it in this fashion will change the noon position while the hands stay in place, giving you the new time with little more than a flick of your wrist.

When you’re done looking at the time in another part of the world, simply release the clock and the counterweight will roll it back to what is set at your home time zone. This will cost you $50 unless you have a MoMa membership, in which case this would cost you $45. While it would certainly be useful in a professional setting, it would also be quite helpful for those who have family sprinkled all over the world and want to do phone or Skype calls at an appropriate hour for both sides.

Available for purchase on momastore