Work Lamp brings garage décor indoors


For those that enjoy a little industrial style décor, this light would be a great addition.  Although it looks a bit like a light you’d see out in a workshop, they’ve added just enough class to it to make it work for indoors.  Specifically adding finishes to it that you definitely wouldn’t see out in the workshop.  Although the classic workshop lights would cost you far less than one of these pendant lights will.  Cutting edge designs always cost a small fortune.

The light is actually said to be even more tough than the lights it was inspired by.  They added some refined angles as well to give the piece a more interesting look.  It comes in two different versions, there is the gold-plated and then the chrome-plated.  I don’t imagine that your garage light comes with the option to be gold-plated.  Although, as I said before, it’s still probably the cheaper option.  This light will end up costing you $132.98.

Source: SwitchedOnSet