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Make a work of art using the sun as your pen with FEBO


When you think of making art, you’ll likely use a pen, pencil, or paintbrush to make your creative mark. Different tools produce different results, and if you’re avid enough in your artistic pursuits, then you likely notice and appreciate the various intricacies and approaches to each medium. Lots of modern art is very reliant on how it was made, such as the blank canvas that has 1,000 hours of a man staring at it.

While that isn’t everyone’s gig, making art powered by the sun would certainly be a neat concept. The FEBO will allow you to do this, as its job is to focus the sun and turn it into a drawing implement that will let you freehand or follow a traced piece of art. Obviously you can use any type of canvas, though you’ll want to be smart about what you choose to direct some insanely hot rays of sunlight at.

There’s no ink, graphite, or batteries that you’ll need to replenish over time, as you only need a sunny day to create new work. You will definitely need to wear sunglasses when using this, as focusing the sun to a very defined point will not do wonders for your eyeballs. Depending on the intensity of sun, you will get different strokes and thicknesses of line, making every single piece unique, even if it’s the same image. There is a colored safety filter to remove, and you’ll need to hold this at a 90 degree angle to make a mark. This will cost you anywhere from $59-97 depending on what type of wood you’d like.

Available for purchase on trycelery