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These Wool Dryer Balls will replace your dryer sheets


When you become familiar with doing laundry, you know that dryer sheets will help clothes be softer, less-wrinkled, and remove┬ástatic. The only trade-off is the amount of chemicals and synthetic fragrances they leave on your clothes. For those who have sensitive systems, it’s not fun to be uncomfortable when the whole purpose of using these products is to stop discomfort.

If you want to go a more natural route, these Wool Dryer Balls are sure to give you exactly what you want without leaving any potential issues behind. Well, unless you’re allergic to wool. These are around the size of a tennis ball, and consist completely of New Zealand Wool. They act as a natural softener, helping clothes to fluff up, as well as be wrinkle and static-free.

Since these go into your wet laundry while dry, they’ll also help speed up the drying process by sucking the moisture out of the clothing around it. If you do want some scent on your clothing, dropping some essential oils onto the balls will give the desired effect. Getting a set of 6 of these will only cost you around $15, and should last you a couple years before needing to be replaced. Should they hold up for that length of time and do their job accurately, they’ll actually cut down on your laundry expenses, as well as the health benefits of going the natural route.

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