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Woojer – The Woofer that You Wear


I saw quite a few cool gadgets at CES Unveiled last week, and some of them were brand new technologies that haven’t been seen before, but some were gizmos designed to simply make some of the things you already do, more enjoyable. Like how about a little device that makes your music, movies and games more engaging, immersive and just… well, fun?

Check out the Woojer, I was told I’d wouldn’t forget the name because it was similar to “woofer” and that’s kinda what it is, a matchbox-sized, wearable, silent “woofer” which enables you to actually feel the sound. This interesting sensation is delivered via a patent-pending polyphonic transducer. This compact plastic device enhances just about any multimedia experience, and will certainly added an interesting tactile experience to your movie watching and gameplay.

I was introduced to the Woojer by having this small plastic box clipped to the front of my shirt with a magnet, and then donned headphones while being shown clips of an action movie, both with, and without Woojer accompaniment. I have to tell you, the Woojer added an interesting visceral element to the experience that is difficult to explain, but fun nonetheless! (think of the low frequency vibrations you feel in your chest at a rock concert, without the associated hearing loss)

I think the Woojer, and devices like it could very well change how we enjoy our multimedia entertainment in the future, right now it’s a current Kickstarter project that’s likely to make it all the way. If you’d like to learn more, or get in line for your own Woojer, check them out at