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The Woof Washer 360 only works on patient pups

Woof Washer 360

Having a dog is like dealing with a perpetual 4 year old. They have a basic idea of what they are and are not supposed to do with a knack for testing their boundaries anyway. They’re full of love, smiles, and getting into the biggest messes you could ever imagine. Since dogs have no shame jumping into a pile of mud, you have to deal with bath time now and again, which usually ends with both of you taking a bath.

If you happen to have an extremely well-trained dog, then this Woof Washer 360 will be an amazing way to wash your pooch with little fuss. This will provide you with 360 degree coverage so long as your dog is willing to step into a ring of constantly running water and stay 100% still. There is a little compartment you can attach to put in soap so you can can rinse, work up a suds, and rinse again with only a few motions.

This will be hooked up to your garden hose, so the water will be cold. The soap can be whichever brand works best for you, and from there your dog only needs to step in while you scrub them down. There are two modes, one being for soap and the other for rinse which is controlled by a switch on the handle. This is going to cost you $19.99-24.99, depending on whether you have a small or large dog. This would make washing take a few minutes rather than a half hour or more, but that’s assuming that your dog is trained well enough to not go on a free-for-all while you try and clean them up.

Available for purchase on woofwasher360