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The Wooden Nutcracker Mushroom makes shelling nuts easy-peasy

Wooden Mushroom Nutcracker

Whether or not we’re thinking about it, we associate cracking open nuts with the holidays. There’s the Nutcracker and the song about roasting chestnuts, so it’s somewhat ingrained in us from an early age. Of course, that doesn’t mean every person magically starts cracking open walnuts when December hits. However, those who already enjoy eating freshly cracked nuts might enjoy not having to strain their hands with those generic crackers.

The fancy nutcrackers like the one in the ballet are a bit overkill, but if you’re in the market for a new one, this Wooden Mushroom Nutcracker would be a cute new addition to your nut cracking arsenal. This is shaped like a button mushroom, but has a deep circle cut into it, and the cap is a screw top that will bring pressure from above to crack the shell. Although, it will more than likely be pressure from the side since you’ll likely be holding it sideways to keep the mess of shattered shells inside of the circle.

The space inside of the base is 1.6/1.6”, which should accommodate most nuts. This is only going to cost you $9.85, and it will surely lessen the strain on your hands by using a twisting motion rather than grip strength. This would be great for kids or those who don’t possess much hand strength anymore. It doesn’t even stand 4” high, and is sure to fit a mushroom or forest-themed home quite nicely.

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