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Wooden Necktie decks you out in style

wooden-necktieNow here is an idea for a Father’s Day gift just in case you have not quite thought up of any just yet – a tie. I know, before you actually roll your eyes in disbelief and let out a groan, knowing that dad or the father figure in your life probably has at least one tie from someone every single year, either during Father’s Day, his birthday, or on Christmas, hear me out here. This is a tie with a difference, and I say so because it is made out of wood. Yes sir, I am referring to the $49.95 Wooden Necktie.

The Wooden Necktie happens to be a necktie that acquires its woodgrain pattern honestly as it hails from actual wood, without any kind of imitation thrown into the mix. Having been reclaimed, re-shaped and re-finished from California Redwood that has been salvaged from tunnels, bridges, and barns in the Bay Area, the tie itself resembles that of one continuous piece, but in reality, it comprises of a dozen segments that have been strung on a length of elastic cord. It will be able to impart a dressy, distinctive look, and it does not act as an obstacle whenever you want to enjoy your favorite asparagus soup. Sporting an adjustable elastic cord, it is capable of fitting most neck sizes without missing a beat.