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Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit tells the time in classical style

wooden-mechanical-clockThere is just something about wood that oozes with class, especially when it comes to making use of it in different forms – such as a wooden trim in a luxury car, or perhaps some wooden panels in your home that provide a far warmer look. When it comes to telling the time, there has been wooden clocks that we have looked at in the past, but the $69.99 Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit does seem to beat them all.

With the Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit, you would best put on your best DIY cap, since you would be required to build it yourself. How does it work? For starters, it will take advantage of the integrated pendulum and weight in order to keep track of time. This is definitely an advanced kit that you might want to consider for the serious DIY horologist, especially taking note that Christmas is right around the corner. You would need to roll up those sleeves of yours, and get involved with gluing, cutting and greasing your gears in order to end up with a fully-functional, wooden pendulum clock that tells the time, although you are required to wind it up from time to time.