Wooden Dual iPhone/iPod Docking Station


If you’re tired of all your gadgets having a nice clean sterile look, there’s one Etsy seller you should definitely check out.  I’ve never been that into wooden gadgets, it’s one of those thing you either like them or you don’t.  I do understand the desire to have a gadget that doesn’t always look so clean cut though.  This wooden dock brings nature indoors and still manages to look somewhat tidy.

The dock is hand made out of cedar and is compatible with any of the iPhones as well as all iPod devices.  That is except the Shuffle of course, but then you don’t really need much of a charging dock for it since it is so small.  Each chunk of wood will differ slightly, since it depends on the piece of wood as to how it will look.  Each one is a custom order so it will take up to 3 weeks to create it and ship it out.  You can purchase it for $119.

Source: bbgadgets