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The Wolfram Locker – In Case the End is Near


Wow, I can’t say I’m sure about global warming, in fact, I’m fairly certain the buzzword has now become “climate change”. There’s something I can get behind. The weather has been unyielding lately, storms of epic proportions, the coldest cold, and hottest temps ever recorded. Natural disasters abound. Tsunamis and earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. It really does feel like something is going on… we all have our opinions about what it might be.. but I’m gonna be ready!

Check out The Wolfram Locker, a fully stocked, double steel-walled, dual lock, personal-safety locker that’s made right here in the USA. Each of these emergency  cabinets contain over 70 items, that are carefully chosen to help you survive a weather emergency, unforeseen catastrophic event, or zombie apocalypse. These items include food, and water rations that have a 5 year shelf life, as well as, water equipment, power, light and rescue equipment, first aid and shelter apparatus, and the ever- important, hygiene and sanitation essentials.

If you ever felt like you should set yourself up to protect yourself and your family if the unexpected were to happen, then Wolfram Locker may be your quickest, easiest, (albeit not least expensive) solution. Wolfram really has thought of it all, everything you may need to make it through some of your worst nightmares will be yours. Available for 55 hundred bucks, at Zombie repellant not included.