The WITness Watch combines old and new technology


Here’s an odd concept design for those of you that can’t stand to carry around a normal watch.  It may look like an extremely modern watch, but it takes a design cue from much older technology.  It’s meant to resemble the very old sun dials.  Something that most people couldn’t read now to save their life, even if some do use them for decorative purposes out in the garden.  For those of you that can’t read a sun dial, you might want to start practicing before you seek something like this out.

The watch was designed by Hay Heun, who apparently enjoys making people’s heads ache every time they are itching to discover the time.  Actually, after glancing at the examples of the face of the watch and the times listed underneath them, it wasn’t that difficult to understand how it works.  It just might take you a couple of extra minutes when you glance at it to figure things out.  It’s no worse than a watch that conveniently leaves out any numbers.

Source: TechChee