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Withings Go now ready for international action

withings-goWithings is a name that many of us should be familiar with, as they happen to be a leader that is connected to the health revolution. This time around, they have announced the availability of the Withings Go, which so happens to be one of the most budget-friendly, versatile and fully featured activity trackers that are in the market. Carefully priced at just $79.95 a pop, it comes across as an intuitive tracker that has been specially designed in order to assist everyone out in jumping aboard the activity tracking bandwagon, as well as to achieve their personal health goals.

One thing is for sure – the Withings Go is extremely pleasing to the eye, where it comes in an award-winning design, groundbreaking E-Ink display and automatic activity recognition that will seamlessly detect as to whether users are walking, running, swimming or sleeping. In other words, the Withings Go would be able to offer the advanced functionality that is normally associated with far higher price points.

The highly advanced automatic activity recognition capabilities found on the Withings Go will allow it to intelligently determine between a wide range of movements, motions and speeds that are connected to different kinds of activities. As the Withings Go is able to automatically recognize a variety of daily activities, it allows users to wear it all day and track without having to push a button to change between different activities. This makes life a whole lot more convenient, and best of all is, it is also water-resistant (5 ATM) and automatically recognizes when the user starts swimming. When you are about to retire for the night, Withings Go will then put on a different hat and distinguish between light and deep sleep cycles.

The Withings Go will be released worldwide, and one will also be able to obtain it via Amazon some time in Q2 this year.

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