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Withings Aura could help improve your sleep pattern

withings-auraDo you find it difficult trying to sleep every night when you turn yourself in? Well, some of us are able to go to bed in the blink of an eye, even when there are so many things to think about and consider, as well as going through stressful situations in life. Well, here is the Withings Aura which could very well prove to be a positive help to your sleeping patterns.

Just how does the Withings Aura work? For starters, it is a cleverly designed system which will not only be able to monitor, but also, (fingers crossed) help improve your sleep experience. The Withings Aura is capable of discreetly recording your sleeping environment, helping provide you with a complete understanding of your sleep patterns. It relies on revolutionary as well as scientifically-validated light and sound programs, where the Withings Aura will be able to positively impact your wake-up and fall-asleep experience, as both of these are instrumental in improving your sleep cycles and overall well-being.

The soft and discreet sleep sensor will slip under your mattress, where it will then work in synchronization with the sensitively designed bedside device. When working in tandem, the two units will record and monitor an array of factors so that you would have a deeper understanding of your sleeping experience. The sleep sensor itself will focus on personal patterns (body movements, breathing cycles and heart rate) while the bedside device screens your bedroom environment (noise pollution, room temperature and light levels).

You then end up with scientifically-validated light and sound programs which will adapt itself to your personal body clock. Apart from that, it has multi-color LED dimming lighting technology that will help maximize the proven correlation between lighting wavelengths and secretion of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. Gentle sounds will wake you up, instead of a jarring ring. The Withings Aura is available later this spring for $299 apiece, where it will be accompanied by a free mobile application.

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