With NAPPAK, You can Sleep Anywhere, especially the office


Long all nighters at the office, overnight camp outs at the beach, or just a fun way to do a slumber party. The Nappak is the answer to sleep comfort away from home. Built in response to a 2004 German Study that found that a daily power nap can help improve efficiency and morale in the office, the Nappak was designed by four college students who sought to provide a practical tool to put the studies’ findings into practical action.

The result is an inflatable bed made of the same sturdy construction as the Ready Bed, the Nappak also comes with rollers and an air compressor for easy transportation and effortless setup. Once completely inflated, the Nappak creates not only a comfortable place for one to hang their head, but it’s completely self contained cublicle like construction also gives the user a certain amount of privacy with which to lay down and rest. It can also be refolded into a small inflatable sofa for more social aspects of life.
The Nappak is currently only a concept, but surely offices will embrace the idea of giving their employees sleeping space in those tiny cubicles if it means more time chained to them and less time to live life for themselves.

Hat Tip: D’Vice