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Wishbone will let you take a child’s temperature without fuss


If your child is sick, a hectic life can become even more cumbersome awfully quick. Children are not too keen on constant pain, and don’t want to stick a thermometer in their mouth. For parents, knowing whether or not your child has a fever is a must, as you need to know when you’re going to have to head to the doctor’s.

Of course, a squirming child always makes temperature taking difficult. If you’d prefer to secretly do so without having to deal with any protest, then the Wishbone will allow you to do just that. This looks like a headphone splitter that plugs into your smartphone, but has a completely different and awesome function. All you need to do it place this no-contact thermometer near the child’s forehead and it will give you information within two seconds. The Y-shape will make it easier to view the screen after taking the temperature, and allow you to swivel it to your situation. That last bit is rather important, as wrangling a kid to sit still is already going to be difficult, let alone at a specific angle.

This is powered by lithium batteries that are easy to replace and are found in common stores. It will play nicely with Android and iOS devices, and can check body temperature, ambient temperature, and that of objects or food. This will cost you $33, and is currently part of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter