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Wireless Racing Wheel for Xbox 360

Do you love racing games on your Xbox 360? Then you would do well to pick up the Wireless Racing Wheel for Xbox 360 from Mad Catz. After all, forking out $129.99 for such a peripheral bodes well if you want to take your racing game experience to the next level, and with the Wireless Racing Wheel for Xbox 360, you can race straight to victory (how idealistic) as it boasts a complete set of racing pedals, an interchangeable gear shift, full rubber grips, lap rest supports and desk clamp, where it ought to fit into just about any home comfortably and nicely. Not only that, since it works across a wireless spectrum, you should be able to enjoy lag-free response within a 40 foot radius. Southpaws need not worry either, since its interchangeable gear shift will target both left- and right-handed drivers easily. An integrated headset port for Xbox LIVE has been thrown into the mix as well, and nice to see the manufacturer introduce a trio of AA batteries in the bundle – a simple yet thoughtful gesture.

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